With this transitions package, you can combine more than 100 video transitions or photos. It is fast and easy to use. Enjoy the 24 Effects Toolkit package to speed up your editing.

If you liked it and did not buy it for missing a function, please let me know and add your suggestion so that I can add it to the project. I will do it at the same time to serve you. Please contact me.

The Toolkit contains 24 effects:
  • Adjustment Layer | Auto Zoom | Clip Viewer Full Area | Colors Adjustment | Compare Image | Detail | DSLR | Facepixelizer | Glow Edges | Gradient Overlay | Gradient Sky | Gradient Tool | Guides | Picture in Picture | Shadow Horizontal | Shadow Vertical | Smooth Skin | Spotlight | Strobe Frame Rate | Subtitle | Take Shot | Tilt Shift | Widescreen Aspect | Widescreen Crop

FCPX Toolkit and Transitions:

  • Popular questions for this item (FAQ Support)
  • 99+ transitions
  • Movement bounces, rotation, camera movement and zoom.
  • Quick and easy installation help included
  • You will not need a compound clip
  • The transition icons are simple and explanitory
  • Transition bouncing in and out
  • Individual speed option at start and end
  • All clips below are affected
  • Resizable resolution up to 4K
  • Add layers of motion blur of varying intensity
  • Music is not included but you can purchase it here
  • Compatible with Final Cut X 10.3 and Motion 5.3 or newer.
  • Images used only for preview purposes under Creative Commons: